Our winemaker

Our Winemaker

When the sun rises shining in the vineyard, an old man is walking in the sea of green leaves with feett stepping on the morning dew, and a black and white sheepdog is running happily beside him; he, is the master of organic grape growing, professor Dennis, the outstanding winemaker of Diwant.
Professor Dennis comes from America and has soft California accent, who is soon well known for his elegant wine products that have made people infatuated. His unique originality and his obsession for organic grape growing make him obtain respect everywhere in this field. The Australian government hire him as a NASAA officer to write viticulture TAFE courses; Dennis works as a pioneer and supervisor in the Coonawarra region, and his students have become core figures in many famous wineries such as PENFOLDS, who are carrying out key dialogue for the increasingly glamorous role that Australian wine is playing on the world stage.
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